Who We Are

Our Mission

Enhance the lives of our clients

To defy hair loss and restore confidence

Our Core Values

  • Build open and honest relationships
  • Maintain perspective
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Treat others with respect

Humble Beginnings

The Scalp Revolution team has been in the hair industry for over 12 years helping clients cope with hair loss. Their journey began with hair replacement systems and hair extensions. They loved seeing the impact it made on their clients lives and how they gained their confidence back.

For many years in the salon they would use hair powder on their clients to give the illusion of density. Clients would joke about how they wished they could just have their scalp tattooed and not have to use the powders. With the evolution of SMP and seeing how far it’s come and how natural it looks Victoria and Karla knew this was something they needed for their clients.

Bay Area SMP

Scalp Revolution specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation for both men and women suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia and more. 

Located 15 minutes south of  San Francisco and 25 minutes north of San Jose in a licensed body art facility.