Your first session and what to expect

When you arrive we will bring you in to our private treatment room. We will perform a full consultation and analysis, if we haven’t already done so previously. If we have had a full consultation prior to your appointment, we will do a recap and make sure we are still on the same page. 


After we have established your wants and needs and have come up with a plan we will begin drawing out your new hairline (if we are doing a hairline restoration). This will be drawn on using a wax pencil and/or a surgical marker. This is a very important step and can take a bit of time to fine tune to your liking. Once you approve the position and shape we will then formulate the appropriate shade of pigment for your skin type.


It is normal to be concerned about the pain level of the treatment. It is a very tolerable procedure with minimal discomfort. You will be surprised once we start at how tolerable it actually is! Many of our clients actually fall asleep during the process. 


Depending on the length of your appointment 15-30 minute breaks may be taken during your procedure. This allows your technician to rest and you to use the bathroom, grab a snack or beverage and just stretch out.


At the end of your session, your technician will go over your aftercare treatment and plan for the next session.

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