Scalp Revolution offer an innovative solution to hair loss, scalp micropigmentation for men is a technique which gives the look of a shaved head by placing pigment into the skin to replicate the look of hair follicles.

Male Pattern Baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia is no mystery. Ruthless as baldness may be, unfortunately, it’s just how it is. It impacts on average half of the male population by the time they reach the tender age of 50 – a mere juncture in the circle of life. Sometimes it happens gradually and in some cases not so gradually. A certain number of men seem to sail through its effect, but then again some of them don’t. However, one thing that is a sure fire fact, if Male Pattern Baldness does kick in, it’s kicked in for good.

It’s a widely known fact that hair loss in men has three main associated factors. The first is the inescapable aging process, which is swiftly followed by genetics and hormones. Genetics shouldn’t really require too much of an explanation, it’s a plain case of looking at your male predecessors. Hormones alike, we all know these change over time. Moving over to look at the inevitable aging process, one could apply the same simplicity, yet what’s interesting to know is as time moves along there’s a progressive decrease to the scalps hair follicles. The result is the hair becoming gradually finer until the event of no new hair growth and male pattern baldness.

Embracing hair loss is quite complex. It harbors psychological pain to many & no matter that you’ve roughly a 50/50 chance of experiencing pattern baldness nobody really prepares your for it or talks about it prior to the event. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that treatments have been sought after for generations – with only one of those treatments that come with a cast iron success rate.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Scalp Micropigmentation which is also regularly known as SMP treatment is, quite frankly, transforming the lives of men suffering from pattern baldness right across the globe. It’s a process whereby pigment is injected into the scalp in the form of tiny dots which resemble the iconic buzz cut. It’s a permanent, intricate and exceedingly precise treatment, that should only be carried out by an aesthetic professional. Each scalp micropigmentation procedure is different and the technician will use pigments and techniques in accordance with a persons skin physiology. Generally speaking, Scalp Micropigmentation requires two courses of treatment and has a quick recovery period deeming it to be a hair loss solution which provides almost instant and certainly guaranteed results.